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Chocolate Crackling

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What is Owow Chocolate Crackling?

Thanks very much for your interest – that is a very good question so let us tell you more…

One day in 2014 two of our team had a packet of pork scratchings and wondered what they would taste like covered in our delicious Belgian chocolate. Turns out it was a rather good combination!

Cobbs Farm Shop Chocolate Crackling

To start with it was a bit of fun and we forced all our friends to try it. Most took some convincing but the reaction astonished us. Overwhelming our pals loved it!

We then took 2kg to the BBC Good Food Show in London in November 2014 as samples to cause a stir. Within 2 hours it had all gone!

“It shouldn’t work but it does”

“It’s ‘sort of’ salted caramel chocolate …..on steroids.”

“It is the most incredible development in chocolate!!!”

Since then we’ve been making small batches and trying different pork scratching to get the combo just right.

Then in August 2015 we decided to take the plunge and launch Owow Chocolate Crackling officially with a proper test at the Hampshire Octoberfest to 10,000 visitors.

So with our team, new logo, stall and rather a lot of Owow Chocolate Crackling we went for it.

And we couldn’t have dreamt of the fantastic reception we had with 85% of people confirming that they did indeed like it! And many people loved it and shook our hands to thank us!

Chocolate Crackling was reviewed live on air at Absolute Radio on 20th April 2016. Listen here to find out what Christian O'Connell and the team thought.